Tuesday, November 21, 2023

"Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch"

"Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch" follows a team of diggers lead by Texas oil millionaire 'Duane Ollinger', whose discoveries are threatened by 'skinwalkers', as they are close to 'Skinwalker Ranch', , having identified 7 underground caves covering 160 acres, now airing on Discovery: 

"....after making a fortune as a high-risk oil contractor, Duane sold his company in Amarillo, Texas and put everything into a wildcat gold mining opportunity in the 'Uintah Mountains' in Utah. Since he started prospecting at 'Blind Frog Ranch', he's discovered a system of underground caverns that run underneath the property. 

"He's since become convinced that a famous lost treasure is hidden inside the caverns, and his singular focus has been finding it. But the locals in the area say that a curse protects the treasure, and Duane has had a myriad of strange occurrences that have knocked him off course. This year, he has to get some return on his investment or risk having to sell the property. 

"Chad Olinger- Chad is the son of Blind Frog Ranch owner, 'Duane Ollinger'. He is married with four children and sold his crop-dusting business and family home to help fund this year's operation. Duane describes his son by saying "he doesn't have an ounce of quit in him," and if someone needs to SCUBA dive into an unknown cavern system 50 feet beneath the ground, it's going to be Chad. 

 "Charlie Snider - A retired Sheriff's Deputy in the Ozarks, Charlie has been on the project with Duane since day one. Blind Frog Ranch has a larger than life reputation in the area, and as a result they're constantly dealing with trespassers and theft. 

"Charlie is in charge of security and investigating any leads that come up. When they find the buried cache of Mormon coins, it's Charlie's job to figure out how they got here and who left them behind. 

"Eric Drummond - A geologist and prospector, Eric is world-renowned for several major wildcat discoveries that he's made around the world. From finding diamonds around the lava lake at an active volcano, to a mountain full of rubies in Greenland that he's currently mining, no project is too unusual for Eric. This year, Duane has brought him in for help getting into the cavern system..." 

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