Thursday, November 09, 2023

"Diabolik - Who Are You?"

"Diabolik - Who Are You?" is the new Italian-produced live-action feature, directed by the Manetti Bros, adapting the comic book title "Diabolik" by Angela and Luciana Giussani, starring Giacomo Gianniotti, Miriam Leone and Valerio Mastandrea, releasing November 30, 2023 in theaters:

"...a new group of criminals that 'Inspector Ginko' defines as more ruthless than 'Diabolik' himself, breaks into 'Clerville'.

"Both Ginko and his nemesis Diabolik, who derives his name from a black panther, investigate the gang, one to arrest them and the other to get hold of the money they stole. 

"Both, on separate paths, arrive so close to the group that they find their hideout at different times, but are caught by surprise and kidnapped.

"They are locked and chained together in a room, facing each other, waiting to be killed. 

"Faced with the prospect of not making it, Ginko asks Diabolik the fateful question: 'Who are you?' .

"The super-thief tells Ginko the story of his origins. 

"Meanwhile, in the outside world, Diabolik's faithful companion 'Eva Kant' and the inspector's lover, 'Duchess Altea' are anxious for their partners in danger..."

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