Sunday, October 08, 2023

"Space Agents: The Mysterious Ax"

"Space Agents: The Mysterious Ax" is a new France-produced  CG-animated science fiction feature, directed by Dom Fred, using the real-time 3D creation tool 'Unreal Engine', starring Eli Harris, Edwin Beale, Jennifer Tra, Alden Schoeneberg and Janet Peters, now streaming on Max :

"...'Lt Fred Doko' and 'Lt Dina Summers', are two 'Alliance' super soldier 'Space Agents', attached to the '3rd Alliance' operational base...

" a future alternate reality where mankind has discovered the alien power source 'gravitonium', incorporated into the communication system 'C.I.L.I.A.N' ('Central Intelligence Link In Advanced Network'). 

"'Captain Piok' and his crew onboard the 'Espérance' ship are attacked by the 'Saurians'. Outnumbered and in mortal peril, they call for help. Lt Dina Summers and Lt Fred Doko are tasked to secure it, as the battle for survival begins..."

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