Wednesday, October 11, 2023

"South Park: Joining The Pandaverse"

"South Park: Joining the Pandaverse", from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, is a new animated 'exclusive event', streaming October 27, 2023 on Paramount+:

" 'South Park: Joining The Pandaverse", 'Cartman' has deeply disturbing dreams portending the end of the life he knows and loves. The adults in South Park are also wrestling with their own life decisions as the advent of 'AI' is turning their world upside down..." 

In 2022, South Park the series celebrated the 25th anniversary of its August 13, 1997 debut on Comedy Central. the characters 'Stan', 'Kyle', 'Cartman' and 'Kenny' were first seen in the animated short "The Spirit of Christmas".

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