Friday, September 15, 2023

"Shangri-La Frontier" on Crunchyroll

"Shangri-La Frontier", a web novel series written by Katarina, is now a
n anime TV series adaptation produced by C2C, streaming October 2023 on Crunchyroll:

" the near future, games that use old-fashioned display screens are classified as retro games, while full-dive VR games have become commonplace. As a result of these games becoming mainstream, there exist many so-called 'trash games'.

"'Rakuro Hizutome' is a "trash game hunter", a great admirer of these usually shameful games, which he plays with the nickname 'Sunraku' until he's able to master them regardless of the difficulty due to their glitches. 

"Rakuro has cleared the oversized 'Faeria Chronicle Online' trash game, and is suffering a sort of burnout syndrome. At the suggestion of the owner of his favorite game store, 'RockRoll', he buys the best-selling and excellent 'Shangri-La Frontier', a full-dive VR game with 30 million registered players. He enters the world of Shangri-La Frontier as the player character Sunraku, where all the skills he has attained as an expert trash game hunter will come in handy..."

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