Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Saffron Burrows: "Dangerous Waters"

"Dangerous Waters" is a new live-action 'survival thriller', directed by John Barr, starring Odeya Rush, Eric Dane, Saffron Burrows and Ray Liotta. releasing October 13, 2023 on demand and in theaters:

"...19-year-old 'Rose' (Odeya Rush) lives a tough, small-town life in Florida with her single mother 'Alma' (Saffron Burrows). Their luck seems to take a turn when Alma’s new businessman boyfriend, 'Derek' (Eric Dane), whisks them away on a sailing adventure to Bermuda. 

"While at sea, Derek’s 'business' is revealed to be less than legitimate when their boat is attacked by savage villains, set on fire, and Alma is killed. 

"Distraught and persecuted by Derek and 'The Captain' (Ray Liotta), Rose unearths a primal instinct of survival and a terrifying need for vengeance..."

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