Monday, September 04, 2023

“Madame Web”: Emma Roberts

Actress Emma Roberts aka 'Mary Parker', the secret agent mother of 'Spider-Man' in the upcoming feature "Madame Web", poses for the Fall 2023 issue of "C" magazine: 

" Marvel Comics 'Spider-Man' stories, 'Mary Fitzpatrick' was the daughter of 'O.S.S'. agent 'Wild Will' Fitzpatrick'. She attended the best schools and eventually followed in her father's footsteps, becoming a 'C.I.A.' translator and data analyst. 'Richard' and Mary met on the job, fell in love, and married. Originally they eloped, later having a more elaborate service, fooling many. 

"Mary became a field agent like Richard, giving them both an easy cover as a married couple. Their son, 'Peter', was often left in the care of 'Ben' and his wife 'May' when Richard and Mary were away on missions. 

"While on a mission to investigate 'Albert Malik', the third 'Red Skull', they posed as traitors and double agents to infiltrate his criminal organization in Algeria, ultimately being discovered. 

"Malik had an assassin kill the two by sabotaging their airplane and causing it to crash. They were subsequently declared missing in action/presumed dead..."

"It's always great when a director is just supportive of what you're doing," said Roberts about her character in 'Madame Web'. "
They're not so much critiquing you but giving you more ideas, giving you tons of things to work with...

"...making you question your character and making you think more about it... 

“…and making it seem like everything is limitless. That usually helps a lot.

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