Wednesday, September 27, 2023

"5000 Space Aliens"

"5000 Space Aliens", directed by Scott Bateman is a 'non-narrative' film with a visual rhythm of one shot per second, available November 21, 2023 as a digital download:

"Storytelling is everywhere these days", said Bateman. "But not everything has to tell a story. I believe movies can do other things as well, and still be fun and entertaining to watch. 

"So with '5000 Space Aliens', I set out to create an entertaining, non-narrative film. 

"It's like a ride: you don't have to think, you just let it wash over you. The music acts as a thread through the whole film, your friend who's on the ride with you." 

"I did all this animation, created all this music, did the editing, all of it. I had a blast making this film..."

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