Wednesday, August 16, 2023

“American Horror Story: Delicate”

“American Horror Story: Delicate” , is the new Season 12 edition of the anthology TV series, now starring Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, Billie Lourd, Zachary Quinto, Denis O’Hare, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Odessa A’zion, and Julie White, streaming October 26, 2023 on Hulu:

“…the new season is loosely based on Danielle Valentine’s novel, ‘Delicate Condition’, following ‘Anna Alcott’ desperate to have a family. But as she tries to balance her increasingly public life as an indie actress she starts to suspect that someone is going to great lengths to make sure that never happens. 

"Crucial medicines are lost. Appointments get swapped without her knowledge. Cryptic warnings have her jumping at shadows. And despite everything she's gone through to make this pregnancy a reality, not even her husband is willing to believe that someone is playing twisted games with her…”

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