Thursday, July 13, 2023

“The List” - Don’t Get Mad

“The List” is a new romantic comedy feature,  directed by Melissa Miller Costanzo, starring Halston Sage, Christian Navarro, Lucy DeVito, Gregg Sulkin, Will Petz, Chrissie Fit, Delaney Marie Rowe, Geoff Pierson, Clark Backo and Stephanie Sanditz,  available on demand August 22, 2023:

“…’Abby’  is about to get married and everything is perfect. Until she finds out her fiancé slept with a celebrity from a list.

 “To get her mind off things, Abby and her best friend ‘Chloe’ come up with a crazy idea – Abby should pursue a celebrity from her own list, which includes tough guy action movie star ‘Mac West’, ‘Sexiest Man Alive Cooper Grant’ and multi-‘Platinum Grammy’ award-winning rapper ‘Avon’…”

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