Friday, June 02, 2023

“World’s Best” on Disney+

"World's Best," is a new hip-hop musical comedy adventure, directed by 
Roshan Sethi, starring Utkarsh Ambudkar, streaming June 23, 2023 on Disney+:

“…young Math genius ‘Prem Patel’ (Manny Magnus), in the midst of navigating the tumultuous hardships of adolescence, discovers his recently deceased father was a famous rapper and immediately sets out to pursue a career for himself as a rap superstar. 

“While his actions may appear reckless and the quickest way for him to lose everything, Prem, empowered by imaginative hip-hop music-fueled fantasies where he performs with his father (Ambudkar), is determined to find out if hip-hop truly is in his ‘DNA’..”

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