Wednesday, June 21, 2023

"Scarlet Witch Annual"

Marvel Comics' "Scarlet Witch Annual" #1, available June 21, 2023, is written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Carlos Neto, with covers by Russell Dauterman, Jim Cheung, Rod Reis and George Perez:

" this 'Contest of Chaos' prelude, a newly rejuvenated 'Agatha Harkness' learns of the 'Scarlet Witch' absorption of 'Chthon' and decides to educate her former student on the dangers of such an endeavor. 

"But 'Wanda' is not the meek pupil she once was -- and Agatha's intentions are not so straightforward. 

"This epic clash between Marvel's most powerful witches sets off a chain reaction that will affect the course of the summer..."

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