Saturday, June 17, 2023

"Pretty Freekin Scary" on Disney+

"Pretty Freekin Scary" is a new comedy TV series, created by Jason P. Hauser, based on the book series by Chris P. Flesh, starring Eliana Su'a, Kyan Samuels, Leah Mei Gold, Yonas Kibreab and Emma Shannon, now streaming on Disney+:

"...'Frankie Ripp' has a great life, until she gets killed in a freak accident. In the 'Underworld', she has a heated debate with the 'Grim Reaper' who lets her return home, as long as her Underworld guardians, 'Pretty' and 'Scary', accompany her. 

"Frankie tries to keep the Grim Reaper a secret from everyone while at the same time, she must work for the Grim Reaper by completing a series of given tasks should she wish to keep her life..."

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