Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Marvel's "Planet of the Apes"

Marvel Comics' "Planet of the Apes" #3. available June 14, 2023 is written by David F. Walker and illustrated by Dave Wachter, with covers by Joshua Cassara, Cully Hamner and Alan Quah:

"...What lies beyond the sea? What is a life filled with immense loss and pain? A life watching the world wither away as the 'ALZ-113' virus consumes humanity? 

"For some, it is an existence of boiling rage that breeds contempt, cruelty and violence. It breeds the 'Exercitus Viri'. 

"As 'Juliana' and 'Omatete' set sail to transfer a thousand apes from the 'International Simian Research Center' in Ghana to the 'CDC', trouble brews in the seas. 

"Will they be able to make their voyage unscathed and save humanity? Or will the blood-thirsty vengeance of a select few ruin the world's chance of a cure and with it, survival?..."

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