Wednesday, June 28, 2023

"Godzilla" Channel on Pluto TV

Pluto TV has teamed with Toho International to launch a new, 24-hour "Godzilla" channel, debuting July 2023, streaming over 30 features, spanning every era, plus the animated "Godzilla: The Series":

"...the 'King of the Monsters' has made landfall on Pluto TV.  Emerging in 1954, 'Godzilla' has become a global icon and symbol that has transcended time and pop culture. 

"After debuting as a terror that descended upon Tokyo, Godzilla has fought numerous foes and gained new allies over several distinct eras. 

"While each film stands alone in its own moment in time, the evolution of Godzilla followed advancements and film and technology along with cultural trends, yet always staying rooted in the origins from 1954. 

"Today, fans can celebrate one of the world’s most renowned entertainment characters...

"...and experience their favorite movie moments from the never-ending clash between 'kaiju' and humankind..."

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