Friday, June 30, 2023

Gal Gadot in "Vogue"

"Heart of Stone" actress Gal Gadot poses for the July 2023 issue of "Vogue" magazine, wearing Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co., photographed by Greg Swales:

"I love language, and sometimes it's frustrating that I live my life in English now," said Gadot. "I dream in English but still don't have the language completely embedded within me. 

"Whenever I get frustrated, I'm like, 'I'm still an immigrant'. 

"I always look at the glass as half full...It took time to adjust to Hollywood — to understand the behavior, to read people, to be more polite. I come from a culture where we don't have filters. 

"We say what we think, good and bad.  My parents didn't raise me to be the star of the family or to become famous. I didn't think I was going to be an actress. 

"By the time I got 'Wonder Woman', I knew what to expect. Maybe the scope was larger in the US, but really, it's all the same swamps — just in different locations with different magnitudes. 

"I'm hungry, and I've always been this way. My parents taught me, 'Be like a horse'. Horses are only focusing on their lane, so they were like, 'Just focus on your own path'..." 

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