Wednesday, June 07, 2023

"Freeks" - Love, Fame and Dreams Betrayed

"Freeks" is a new live-action Argentine-produced TV series following the trials and tribulations of a pop band, streaming June 28, 2023 on Disney+:

"...the life of 'Gaspar', a talented musician and leader of the band 'FreeKs', takes an unexpected turn when his friends accuse him of a stealing money. Thes accusation has far-reaching consequences for Gaspar. He is determined to prove his innocence and regain his former life. Gaspar goes in search of the real culprit and does everything in his power to track him down. 

"Meanwhile, Gaspar has to watch as his former band grows in popularity day by day. At the same time, he witnesses how remaining band members 'Ulises', 'Ludovico', 'Coco' and 'Juani' deal with the overwhelming success and what the pressure and contrasts of fame do to them. During their journey, everyone goes through a process of evolution in a story of love, fame and dreams betrayed..."

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