Thursday, June 22, 2023

"Big Nate" - Season Two

Season Two of the CG-animated TV series "Big Nate", based on the  based on the comic strip and book series by Lincoln Peirce. stars 
 Laraine Newman, Matthew Lillard, JB Blanc, Maya Aoki Tuttle and Stephanie Sheh, 
streams July 7, 2023 on Paramount+:

"...'Nate Wright', is a spirited and rebellious student. His friend group includes 'Francis', 'Teddy', 'Chad' and 'Dee Dee'. 

"Nate hates social studies teacher 'Mrs. Godfrey', whom he considers his nemesis and calls her names like 'the school's Godzilla', and tends to run afoul of her, 'Principal Nichols' and science teacher 'Mr. Galvin'..."

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