Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Zendaya: "Unexpected Wonders"

Take a look at "Euphoria" actress Zendaya and "Dark Knight Rises" actress Anne Hathaway, posing for the Bulgari "Unexpected Wonders" campaign, supported by a short film from Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino:

"...if you are open to the joy and beauty of simple emotions, everything seems possible. To travel without moving, to enjoy what is precious, to look to the future. And above all, to discover unexpected wonders. 

"'Unexpected Wonders', directed by Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino stars Zendaya and Anne Hathaway, the perfect duo to take a joyous journey through pure beauty. 

"Portraying with their own distinctive attitudes and styles a gentle femininity, filled with life and passion...

"...Bulgari's brand ambassadors enter the extraordinary world of the 'Eden High Jewellery' collection, enjoying the freedom and pleasure of wearing showstopping creations..."

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