Sunday, May 21, 2023

"SEAL Team" - 'Mandy Ellis'

Actress Jessica Paré as 'Mandy Ellis' in the military drama TV series, "SEAL Team" was first seen as a 'Clandestine Operations Officer' serving in the 'Special Activities Division' of the 'CIA' and assigned with 'Bravo Team' as an 'Analyst' and 'CIA Liaison':

"...'Amanda' never knew her father, then found out her mother was a career criminal scammer and con artist, convicted of credit card fraud, insurance fraud and identity theft. 

"Growing up , 'Mandy' was always working one angle or another... one man or another.

"But in one incident, during her tenure in the CIA, she made the fateful call to give up an asset to save 'Jason Hayes' and his 'Bravo Team'. 

"The CIA reassigned her...

"...she is no longer attached to Bravo and is currently doing 'Field' interrogation operations..."

"She is also still in love with 'Jason Hayes'.

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