Saturday, May 13, 2023

"Sammy Slick: Vampire Slayer"

"Sammy Slick: Vampire Slayer" is a new horror comedy feature, written and directed by Christopher Leto, starring Klein Wong, Ariella Aegen and Barbora Sulova, opening June 15, 2023 in theaters:

" the dark and seedy streets of Ybor City, Florida, vampire investigator 'Sammy Slick' vows to rid the city of its blood sucking inhabitants once and for all. 

"After a dancer from 'Foxy's Strip Club' comes to him with her suspicions that the club's new owner is luring men in as potential prey, Sammy and his trusty sidekick 'Ash' set out to prove her right and bring down the 'vampiress'. 

"Along the way they are met with obstacles, vampiric adversaries and vampire strippers. As the stakes rise, Sammy and Ash must use all their skills and ingenuity to finally rid Ybor City of its vampire infestation..."

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