Thursday, May 25, 2023

"Intertwined" on Disney+

"Intertwined' is the Argentine-produced 'time travel' comedy TV series, now streaming on Disney+:

"...'Allegra' has a great passion for musical comedies and dreams of becoming part of the musical theater group 'Eleven O'Clock' as the leading actress in 'Freaky Friday'. 

"With the same play that made her grandmother 'Coc√≥', a living legend of musical theater, Allegra looks up to her grandmother and wants to be a talented actress one day. 

"Then Allegra finds a mysterious bracelet in her room, which brings her to 1994. Allegra uses her time in the past to learn more about her family's history. 

"Allegra will try to heal the wounds and bring her family back together..."

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