Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Fassbender's "Celtic Warrior"

Actor Michael Fassbender continues sitting on a screenplay, co-written with Ronan Bennett ("Public Enemies") adapting the story of 'Cú Chulainn', an Irish warrior of Celtic mythology:

The stories of Chulainn, dating back to the 7th Century were collected in "The Ulster Cycle", aka the "Red Branch Cycle", one of four great cycles of Irish mythology, containing heroic Irish legends and sagas.

'Cú Chulainn', aka 'The Hound of Ulster', was the son of the god 'Lug' and 'Deichtine', gaining his name after he killed a vicious guard-dog in self-defence, then offering to take its place until a replacement could be found.

At the age of seventeen he defended Ulster against the armies of queen 'Medb of Connacht' in the epic "Cattle Raid of Cooley".

He was known for his terrifying 'battle frenzy' or 'ríastrad', in which he became an unrecognizable terror, while fighting from his chariot.

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