Monday, April 24, 2023

"Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt"

Take a look at more leaked set images of actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Marvel Comics super-villain 'Kraven the Hunter' on the UK set of Sony Pictures upcoming, R-rated  live-action stand-alone feature:

" 'Kraven's Last Hunt', Kraven sets his sights on 'Spider-Man'...

" prove he is superior to the wall-crawler, ultimately neutralizing him...

"...then stealing his costume to impersonate 'Spidey' on the streets of New York City.

"'Sergei Kravinoff', debuting in Marvel Comics "Amazing Spider-Man" #15, was born and raised in Russia and belonged to an elite class of people.

"Unfortunately for Sergei, the collapse of elitism in Russia forced him and his brother on the run. 

"While his brother used his ability to mimic others, Sergei opted to train himself to be the world’s greatest hunter. 

"His ability to hunt big game led him to wealth and notoriety and this, in turn, led him to a witch doctor who possessed a potion. 

"Pushed by his ever increasing need to be the best, Sergei stole the potion and drank it. 

"Now, stronger, faster and more durable than ever, Sergei developed a desire to hunt only the biggest and toughest prey. 

|"His brother suggested Spider-Man and Sergei accepted..."

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