Friday, April 21, 2023

Disney's 100 Years of Wonder

Throughout 2023, Disney characters will appear in variants of classic Marvel Comics covers, as part of "Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder" celebration, honoring the company’s 100th anniversary, including a new look at 'Minnie Mouse' and 'Daisy Duck':

"...across The Walt Disney Company, 'Disney 100 Years of Wonder' will honor and showcase...

"...the rich legacy of storytelling and immersive experiences that have been a hallmark of Disney since its founding on October 16, 1923.

"Disney’s 100th anniversary will be celebrated around the globe, and Marvel Comics will be marking the occasion with a special monthly 'DISNEY 100 VARIANT COVER PROGRAM' featuring 'Mickey Mouse', 'Minnie Mouse', 'Donald Duck', 'Goofy and a whole lot more.

"The variant program in honor of 'Disney 100' will celebrate Marvel’s past, present, and future through the classic 'What If' lens with a fantastic reimagining of Marvel’s most classic comic book covers..."

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