Monday, March 06, 2023

"Yellowstone": Enter 'Beth Dutton'

Since 2018, actress Kelly Reilly has played the wild character 'Beth Dutton' on the Paramount+ neo-Western drama series "Yellowstone":

"'Bethany Dutton', is the only daughter to ranch owners 'John Dutton' and 'Evelyn Dutton'. Beth holds a professional profile in banking while being fiercely committed to family proving time and time again she is loyal only to the ones she loves. 

"Beth was born into a ranching family in Yellowstone Montana. Her father John Dutton inherited 'Dutton Ranch' from his father.

"Her mother died when she was only a child. Beth not being a confident rider spooked her horse, losing control she spun out into her mothers own Mare causing Evelyn to fall and be crushed under the animals body. 

"Her older brother 'Lee' died when he was protecting the family ranch in a feud with the 'Broken Rock Indian Reservation'. 

"She married 'Rip', who had killed his own father after he attacked his mother. Beth then nearly killed herself while in a severe depression due to the guilt she felt for letting her mother die when she was young.

"When John Dutton and his family were threatened by their rivals and were not about to show fear, Beth was attacked by two masked men, not only killing her assistant 'Jason' in the process but attempted to kill her as well. She was saved by Rip just in time, after asking him for help..."

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