Wednesday, March 22, 2023

“Unicorn Academy”

Spin Master, producers of the long-running "PAW Patrol" TV series and movie, will next release "Unicorn Academy",  based on books by Julie Sykes, "...following 'Sophia' as she discovers her destiny as a 'unicorn' rider", with a 72 minute Netflix movie premiere, episodic content slated for release Fall 2023, plus a toy line and expansive licensed consumer product rollout in 2024:

"... 'Unicorn Academy' is the boarding school of every kid’s dreams. Located on 'Unicorn Island', Sophia and the rest of the freshman class must bond with a unicorn to unlock their magical powers.

"Only then can they learn to become revered protectors of the island and its magic — all while balancing classwork and navigating new friendships..."

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