Sunday, March 05, 2023

Sydney Sweeney: 'Power Girl?

DC Comics' "Action Comics" #1053, has pre-sold out before its April 2023 release, thanks in part to the fresh 'Sydney Sweeney' look of  superhero 'Power Girl', by illustrator Will Jack:

" livin' thing's supposed to have power like this. No matter how blue your eyes or pretty your face.

"But war rages on between the 'Metropolis' men of steel- 'Superman' and 'Metallo'. As Metallo's new body continues to evolve in unexpected and nightmarish ways- the voice of his operating system has been changing too- testing the limits of his sanity. 

"Finally- when his alien tech takes on a life of its own and infects the most violent members of the 'Blue Earth' movement- the resultant abominations target Superman’s greatest strength and greatest weakness: his family!..."

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