Friday, March 17, 2023

Soccer Style - The Chase Is On

The chase is on as the soccer player has become the international, quintessential inspiration for many fans, evolving over time into super cell icons of image and style. Many soccer players also dictate fashion sense, when it comes to clothing and bold haircuts, with hairstyles, often resourceful, lively and sometimes eccentric, as they go hand in hand with the wearer's personality: 


Sky-high crests, shaved sides, and colorful tufts? You're not a real football player if you haven't tried (at least for a league) this unique, eccentric, and 'essential' look. The real king of the crests is the Slovakian Marek Hamsik, the ex-player of the Italian soccer team Napoli: in the city, in the past many children also went to the hairdresser and ask for the 'Hamsik' cut, who is none other than the last of the Mohicans. Imagining him without a Mohawk is almost impossible. 

What about Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, better known as Neymar? The Brazilian soccer player, poker and blackjack enthusiast, striker for Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national team, is considered one of the best soccer players in the world. And in Brazil, one of the most stylish as well. 

But there is also Radja Nainggolan: The Belgian footballer and Roma midfielder is a great experimenter. He has sported in order. 'The Crest, The Colored Crest, and The Crest with Braids. In short, a true lover of the genre. And as time passes, his passion shows no signs of abating. 

But one of the first to sport a crest and color together was the legendary Fredrik Ljungberg: The Belgian player has always been considered one of the most charming. And indeed, his eccentric cut helped make him known and loved. 


Today, even the "coolest" football players often opt for good boy cuts, the more classic and traditional ones, the less flashy and slightly bon-ton ones. Because, after all, these are the champions of the ball that boys should be inspired by before going to the barber. 

From Dybala to Digne, without omitting the most 'gentlemanly' of all soccer players, David Beckham, the new fashion on the soccer field is a more modern version of the cuts in vogue in vogue the 1930s: short nape and long, frayed topknot. 

Even handsome golden ball winner Cristiano Ronaldo opts for the classic good-boy cut: shaved at the base and thicker on the topknot, Ronaldo doesn't leave the house without abounding with gel: after 90 minutes in the legs, he doesn't have a hair out of place. 


Suppose one thinks of a player with long hair heavy metal guitarist style. In that case, the memory immediately flies to Argentine Claudio Caniggia, who became a symbol thanks to his talent and look. However, if you wear long hair, you must also know how to keep it in order: you need skillful scaling and the right "hairstyle." But suppose you want to be mistaken for a real bomber. 

In that case, the haircut for you (including a top-of-the-line beard) is Davide Moscardelli's: a thoroughbred striker, with the wild style he has created, a character that is depopulated on the Web. Can you not like him? Many footballers in their careers have chosen to wear their hair long, most often gathered in an ultra-fashionable top knot:  is sexy and charming. 

Like the legend Pablo Osvaldo, among our absolute favorites to take the field with thick hair. David Beckham, too, in the early days of his career, at the time of his marriage to Posh Spice, wore a long bob styled with a half- tail. 


Dreadlocks (loose, tied in a ponytail or held back by an elastic band), afro curls, and endless braids symbolize the bomber par excellence: Ruud Gullit's braids in the 1990s (along with his goals) that made Milan history. 

After him, only the Nigerian Taribo West, with his pigtails, managed to 'depopulate' so much. 

Swedish legend Henrik Larsson was among the first soccer players ever to take the field with many dreadlocks: they have long been his trademark. 

 And then there are the millions of curls sported by Moroccan naturalized Belgian Marouane Fellaini and fancy former Colombian midfielder Carlos Valderrama: The African style is beloved on the green rectangle!...

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