Saturday, March 04, 2023

‘Supercell”- The Chase Is On

The new thriller  “Supercell’, directed by Herbert James, stars Alec Baldwin as a sleazy tour operator,  with Anne Heche in her last film and Skeet Ulrich, releasing in theaters March 17, 2023:

‘…violent winds, and churning tornadoes make supercells deadly, and when ‘William Brody’ was a boy, his father -- a legendary storm-chaser -- was killed by one. Now, the family business belongs to ‘Zane Rogers’ (Baldwin), an obnoxious tour operator who sees dollar signs where others see storm clouds. 

‘’When his destiny arrives in the form of one of the most powerful storms on record, William leaves his mom (Heche) and home behind to team up with his father's ex-partner, ‘Roy Cameron’ (Ulrich), barely surviving a tornado yet determined to chase one of nature's most terrifying creations: the bear's cage…’

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