Monday, March 06, 2023

Rebecca Ferguson: "Silo"

"The Wool" series of 'post-apocalyptic' science fiction novels by Hugh Howey, has been adapted into the 10-episode live-action "Silo" TV series, directed by 
Morten Tyldum, starring Rebecca Ferguson and Tim Robbins, releasing May 5, 2023 on AppleTV+:

olston Wool'  is the sheriff of 'Silo', where all residents are taught that the outside world is toxic and deadly...

"The last ten thousand people on earth, live in a mile-deep home protecting them from the toxic and deadly world outside. However, no one knows when or why the silo was built and any who try to find out face fatal consequences. 

"'Juliette' (Ferguson)  is an engineer, who seeks answers about a loved one’s murder and tumbles onto a mystery that goes far deeper than she could have ever imagined, leading her to discover that if the lies don’t kill you, the truth will."

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