Saturday, February 04, 2023

"The Prisoner": Enter 'Rover'

‘Rover’ is a plot device from the 1967 Brit TV series “The Prisoner” and was a crucial tool used to keep 'prisoners' from escaping, depicted as a floating white balloon that could coerce, incapacitate or kill those that will not conform:

Rover’ was depicted as a large white inflatable balloon, not quite fully inflated, with a flexible skin. Rover would often produce a muffled roar sound when attacking. It would also sometimes emit a strange light display or luminescence from its interior. 

"Once released, Rover could bounce and glide across the land and sea for a long range and at high speed, faster than a vehicle or boat.  Rover behaves as if it were a self-aware or quasi-intelligent entity and can interact with its surroundings, as well as adjusting to and anticipating human actions. 

"Rover possessed considerable strength, and was able, if necessary, to incapacitate people either by blunt force impacts, or through suffocation by absorbing or engulfing the victim…”

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