Tuesday, February 07, 2023

“Star Wars: Crimson Climb” - Enter ‘Qi’ra’

Qi'ra’, portrayed by Emilia Clarke in the feature “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is spinning off into the novel “Star Wars: Crimson Climb” by E.K. Johnston:

“…’Qi’Ra’ was introduced in the 2018 prequel novel ‘Most Wanted’ by Rae Carson. A practitioner of ‘Teräs Käsi’ she is the childhood friend of ‘Han Solo'  and his first love from the planet ‘Corellia’.

“The pair live on the streets before she is captured and he flees the planet. 

“In order to leave the planet herself, Qi'ra becomes a lieutenant in the ‘Crimson Dawn’ crime syndicate under ‘Maul’,  assuming control of the organization after his death…

“…and becoming its leader during the ‘Galactic Civil War’…”

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