Saturday, February 11, 2023

"Spirited Away: Live On Stage"

GKIDS will release filmed performances of theStudio Ghibli/Toho co-production "Spirited Away: Live On Stage", directed by 'Tony' award winner John Caird, based on the "Spirited Away" comic books by Hayao Miyazaki, recorded during performances in Tokyo, Japan's Imperial Theatre in 2022:

"...'Chihiro' and her parents are traveling to their new home. When her father decides to take a shortcut, he stops in front of a tunnel that appears to go to an abandoned amusement park. 

"Despite Chihiro's objections, her father proceeds to explore the tunnel. Chihiro's parents uncover a seemingly deserted restaurant that is still loaded with food, and they start eating right away. 

"Chihiro discovers an immense bathhouse while going farther, where she encounters 'Haku', a kid who cautions her to cross the riverbed before sunset. 

"Chihiro, however, learns that her parents have changed into pigs, making it impossible for her to cross the now-flooded river. Chihiro is located by Haku, who tells her to approach 'Kamaji', the bathhouse's boiler man and a 'yokai' in charge of the 'susuwatari', to request a job. 

"Kamaji declines and requests that a worker by the name of 'Lin' send Chihiro to the bathhouse's witch, 'Yubaba'. Chihiro resists Yubaba's attempts to scare her away and she eventually receives a working contract. 

"Yubaba changes her name to 'Sen' by removing the second 'kanji' from it. Haku explains that Yubaba controls people by taking their identities. If she fully forgets hers like he once did, she will never be able to escape the spirit realm. She quickly finds that she can't recall her own name..."

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