Tuesday, February 14, 2023

More "Raid: Shadow Legends"

"Raid: Shadow Legends" is a dark fantasy, mobile game developed and published by Plarium Games, with a n
arrative written by Paul C. R. Monk, set in the land of 'Teleria', subjugated by the 'Dark Lord Siroth':

"...players take the role of an ancient 'Telerian' warrior resurrected to defeat the 'Dark Lord' and restore peace and harmony to the territory.

"Players must assemble an army for battles in settings such as castles, dungeons, deserts and temples...

"...defended by enemies and possible allies.

"Players also accumulate 'Shards', or vessels containing the souls of past warriors, from story-driven single-player campaigns with twelve levels, each level made up of seven stages with four levels of difficulty.

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