Thursday, February 23, 2023

Katie Holmes: “Rare Objects”

“Rare Objects” is a new feature directed by Katie Holmes, based on the book by Kathleen Tessaro, starring Holmes, Jimi Stanton, Derek Luke  and Saundra Santiago, opening April 14, 2023 in theaters:

“…’Maeve’  wants to be more than just the child of Irish immigrants – something made more difficult by the ‘Great Depression’.

“But desite her besr efforts Maeve cannot keep herself away from the fast men and easy alcohol that ends up landing her in a mental asylum. It's there that she meets ‘Diana’, a young woman with an equally large hunger for freedoms not usually allowed women of the era. 

“After she leaves Maeve manages to pick up the pieces of her life and begins working at an antiques shop, where she runs into Diana, who Maeve discovers is a socialite. 

“Still eager to improve herself, Maeve lets Diana and her brother ‘James’ draw her into their world, something that might end up proving to be disastrous for the young woman…”

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