Thursday, February 16, 2023

"Harbinger" Live-Action

Paramount is developing a live-action film version of the Valiant superhero title "Harbinger", to be directed by 
Paul Downs Colaizzo

"...mystified by his sudden, strange and extraordinary powers, Pittsburgh teenager 'Peter Stanchek' is contacted by the mysterious 'Harbinger Foundation' and discovers that he is not alone. 

"Confused by his awakening powers, Stanchek is happy to let the Harbinger Foundation help him master his abilities. 

"But when Pete's best friend, 'Joe', points out Pete is turning into an evil guy, Harbinger founder, 'Toyo Harada', has Joe killed. 

"This turns Pete against the Harbinger Foundation, so the order is given that Pete must die! 

"But the assassins learn the hard way that Pete's power is far beyond their imagining..."

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