Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Cancel Culture: "Constantine 2" ?

A sequel to the 2005 feature "Constantine", starring Keanu Reeves, based on DC Comics "Hellblazer" title, has not been canceled as previously reported:

" ‘Constantine’, a scavenger recovers the tip of the spear that pierced 'Jesus', from a ruined Mexican church and, after becoming possessed, takes it to Los Angeles. 

"There, cynical occult expert 'John Constantine' exorcises a demon from a young girl after witnessing its attempt to come through her to Earth, something that should be impossible because of a treaty between Heaven and Hell. 

"Suffering from a terminal disease, Constantine meets with the angel 'Gabriel' to request an extension to his life in exchange for his work deporting Hell's forces. 

"Gabriel responds that performing good deeds for selfish reasons will not secure his way into Heaven..."

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