Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Bruce Willis: "Detective Knight: Rogue"

In one of his last movie performances, actor Bruce Willis stars in the  action feature “Detective Knight: Rogue”, directed by Edward John Drake, now available as VOD and in limited theater engagements:

“…in Los Angeles, four masked men robbed a truck full of cash. After the police arrive, the criminals steal a car from a nearby parking lot. 

"However, the police corner the group, resulting in one of the robbers firing blindly at them. ‘Detective Knight’ (Willis) and his partner ‘Fitz’ exchange fire with the criminals, resulting in Fitz getting severely wounded. In the chaos, the robbers flee the scene. 

“While Fitz is taken to the hospital, the robbers escape to New York City on a private plane. The robbers are revealed to be ‘Casey’ leader of the crew; “Mercer’, the hot-head of the group; ‘Mike’, Casey's best friend; and ‘Sykes’  the girl with the most intelligence among the group. 

“Officer Sango explains to Knight that this kind of heist is taking place all over the country, and there is one plane seen in every city the theft has taken place in. He also says that the aircraft belongs to ‘Winna’, the owner of a New York-based shell company. From this intel, Knight states that he knows Winna…”

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