Monday, January 23, 2023

"Record of Ragnarok" on Netflix

The anime TV series "Record of Ragnarok", Season Two, based on manga comics by writers Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui and illustrator Ajichika, will see the return of 'Brunhilde', 'Zerofuku', 'Buddha', 'Hercules', 'Shiva' and 'Raiden Tameemon' streaming 12 new episodes January 26, 2023 on Netflix:

"...The 'Gods Council' assembles once every millennia to decide the fate of humanity and that mankind’s 7 million years of irredeemable history gives justification for their extinction. 

"But the 'valkyrie' 'Brunhilde' proposes giving humanity one last chance to prove their worth and the gods agree to hold the tournament of 'Ragnarok', where humanity will be spared if they can best the gods in seven out of thirteen matches. 

"Humanity’s representatives are the 'Einherjar', notable humans across history who are each granted a valkyrie who becomes a powerful weapon tailored for their user's combat style..."

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