Monday, January 23, 2023

"Raised By Wolves" - Life Begins Again

Further to renewed interest by various streamers to resurrect Ridley Scott's canceled HBO "Raised By Wolves" TV series for a final Season Three, take another look at DC Comics 2020 comic book “Raised By Wolves” #1, written by creator Aaron Guzikowski and illustrated by Meghan Hetrick, containing the story “Hark, the Herald Angel Sings”, published as a digital tie-in to Scott’s android thriller:

"...sent on a mission from a destroyed Earth, two androids raise humanity's best hope for the future on a distant planet. But do the monsters that forced them to leave also haunt this new home? 

"On 'Kepler-22b', 'Mother' tells the children about the past of Earth. In the 'Mithraic' capital on Earth in 2120, the Mithraic reveal the 'Necromancers' who begin killing the 'Atheists' in the war. Mother tells the children that the believers claimed the technical specs for the Necromancers were written in their ancient scriptures, but Mother tells the children that it's more likely that they stole the technology from one of the atheist nations they conquered. 

"While the children are playing and lighting dolls on fire, they end up burning one of the crops. Mother and Father decide to invent a 'boogeyman' figure to keep the children from continuing to misbehave. They tell the children that if they're bad again, a Necromancer will get them because Necromancers are drawn to bad behavior, and the children have been behaving very badly so the Necromancers must be close by now. 

"'Campion' has a nightmare that a Necromancer is coming for him, and he cries out for Mother to help. Mother comforts him and tells him that it was a deception to keep them from misbehaving, but it may have gone too far. He asks her to sing a song for him to help him go back to sleep. She sings to him, and the last image is of a Necromancer on Earth using its death scream..."

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