Saturday, January 21, 2023

Cancel Culture: "One of Us Is Lying"

"One of Us Is Lying", the teen drama mystery TV series developed by Erica Saleh,  based on the 2017 novel by Karen M. McManus, has been canceled after two seasons on Peacock:

five walk into detention. Only four come out alive...

"At 'Bayview High', five students – 'Simon', 'Addy', 'Cooper', 'Bronwyn' and 'Nate' – are given a detention. 

"Suddenly Simon, known for starting an online gossip group with his friend 'Janae' to snitch on his classmates, suffers a sudden and fatal allergic reaction. 

"Each of the four students had a motive to kill Simon, and after it is determined his death was not an accident, an investigation ensues..."

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