Sunday, January 22, 2023

"Bass Reeves: Lawman"

Actor David Oyelowo stars as real-life 'Old West' lawman "Bass Reeves" in a new limited MTV Entertainment TV series from "Yellowstone" co-creator/showrunner Taylor Sheridan, currently shooting in Texas, co-starring Dennis Quaid as 'Sherrill Lynn', a 'Deputy US Marshall', streaming in 2023 on Paramount+:

"...born a slave, Reeves gained his freedom following the Civil War, learning several native languages...

"...before becoming the first black deputy to serve west of the Mississippi River. 

"Assigned as a deputy U.S. marshal for the Western District of Arkansas, Reeves served there until 1893. 

"In addition to being a marksman with a rifle and revolver, Reeves developed superior detective and impersonation skills during his long career. 

"When he retired in 1907, Reeves had on his record over 3,000 arrests of felons, killing 14 outlaws to defend his life..."

"We're excited to develop our 'Bass Reeves' project," said Chris McCarthy, MTV Entertainment Group. 

"As the first Black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River, Reeves' story is monumental, and this limited series will bring to light one of the greatest frontier heroes in our country's history..." 

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