Wednesday, January 18, 2023

"Attack On Titan" - The Final Season

The final season of the dark fantasy anime TV series "Attack on Titan", adapting the manga comics by Hajime Isayama, streams 
March 4, 2023 on Netflix:

"...set in a post-apocalyptic world where the remains of humanity live behind walls protecting them from giant humanoid 'Titans', 'Attack on Titan' follows protagonist 'Eren Jaeger', along with friends 'Mikasa Ackerman' and 'Armin Arlert'. 

"When a ''Colossal Titan' breaches the wall of their hometown, Titans destroy the city and kill his mother. Vowing vengeance, Eren joins the elite 'Survey Corps', a group of soldiers who fight against Titans. Attack on Titan chronicles Eren's journey with the Survey Corps as they fight against the Titans while investigating their origin and history..."

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