Sunday, December 18, 2022

"Yu Yu Hakusho" on Netflix

The upcoming "Yu Yu Hakusho" live action TV series based on the Japanese 'manga' comics by Yoshihiro Togashi, stars Takumi Kitamura, Jun Shison, Kanata Hongo and Shuhei Uesugi, streaming worldwide in 2023 on Netflix:

"...'Yusuke Urameshi', a junior high school student spends his days getting into fights and dies in an accident while trying to protect a young child. 

"As he grapples with the fact that he is looking down on his dead body, a woman named 'Botan', who calls herself a guide to the spirit world, relays to him the shocking truth: no one expected a delinquent like Yusuke to die performing an act of goodness, and there was no place for him in either heaven or hell. 

"Yusuke is given a chance to be revived, and after passing his trial, he becomes an 'Underworld Detective'. 

"From there, Yusuke becomes entwined in a mystery that envelopes the human, demon and spirit worlds..."

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