Tuesday, December 27, 2022

"Top Gun: Maverick" - $1.5 Billion

"Top Gun: Maverick", starring Tom Cruise, now streaming on Paramount+, is ranked as the highest grossing film in 2022, earning $1.5 billion at the box office:

"...more than 30 years after graduating from 'Top Gun', United States Navy 'Captain Pete Maverick Mitchell' is a test pilot. Despite many achievements, repeated insubordination has kept him from flag rank.

"His friend and former Top Gun rival, 'Admiral Tom Iceman Kazansky', now commander of the US 'Pacific Fleet', often protects Maverick from being grounded.

"Now 'Rear Admiral Chester Hammer Cain plans to shut down Maverick's hypersonic 'Darkstar' scramjet program in favor of funding drones. 

"But Maverick is ordered to train an elite group of Top Gun graduates assembled by 'Vice Admiral Beau Cyclone Simpson'...

"...when the Navy is tasked with destroying an unsanctioned uranium enrichment plant..."

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