Friday, December 09, 2022

"The Offer" - Pulling Some Strings

"The Offer" is the new biographical drama TV miniseries following the development, production and underworld interference in director Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 feature "The Godfather", from the POV of producer Al Ruddy, now streaming on Paramount+:

Cast includes Miles Teller as 'Albert S. Ruddy', Matthew Goode as 'Robert Evans', Giovanni Ribisi as 'Joe Colombo', Colin Hanks as 'Barry Lapidus', Dan Fogler as 'Francis Ford Coppola', Juno Temple as 'Bettye McCartt', Burn Gorman as 'Charles Bluhdorn', Justin Chambers as 'Marlon Brando', Patrick Gallo as 'Mario Puzo', Josh Zuckerman as 'Peter Bart', Meredith Garretson as 'Ali MacGraw', Nora Arnezeder as 'Francoise Glazer', Paul McCrane as 'Jack Ballard', Anthony Skordi as 'Carlo Gambino'...

...Jake Cannavale as 'Caesar', James Madio as 'Gino', Michael Rispoli as 'Tommy Lucchese', Stephanie Koenig as 'Andrea Eastman', Lou Ferrigno as 'Lenny Montana', Frank John Hughes as 'Frank Sinatra', Danny Nucci as 'Mario Biaggi', Anthony Ippolito as 'Al Pacino', Kirk Acevedo as 'Special Agent Hale', Ross McCall as 'Moran', Eric Balfour as 'Dean Tavoularis', Michael Gandolfini as 'Andy Calhoun' and Zack Schor as 'Fred Gallo'. 

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