Friday, December 02, 2022

"The Freak Brothers" on TUBI

The animated TV series "The Freak Brothers" has been renewed for a second season, adapting cartoonist Gilbert Shelton’s 1960’s Rip Off comix title, now set in the modern day, streaming on TUBI:

 ...back in 1969 when the 'Freaks' weren’t hanging out at 'Woodstock', they were dodging 'Narcs' and steady employment. 

"But after smoking a magic strain of weed, laid-back 'Franklin', paranoid 'Phineas', man-child 'Freddy' and the sardonic 'Kitty' are 'Rip-Van-Winkled' into the future. 

"They wake up 50 years later in their renovated house, which is now owned by the 'Switzers' -- a family of ethnically diverse 'trippin’ squares'. While the tech-savvy Switzers help guide the Freaks through the rat race of a strange new world...

"...the Freaks – who are unburdened by the baggage of modern life – help the family embrace the values of a simpler time.." 

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