Friday, December 30, 2022

Sydney Sweeney is "Barbarella"

Dynamite Entertainment's "Barbarella: The Center Cannot Hold", available March 15, 2023, in support of the upcoming "Barbarella" feature starring Sydney Sweeney ("Euphoria"), is written by Sarah Hoyt and illustrated by  Riccardo Bogani, with covers by Derrick Chew, Celina, Greebo Vigonte and Madibek Musabekov:

"...'Barbarella' has managed to escape the home world of the 'Architects', but now she finds herself on a once-thriving world long ago reclaimed by nature and a people forever reduced to helpless foragers. 

"But there's something else hidden on this world as well, including an armed resistance, brought together to avenge the countless victims of the Architects. 

"Meanwhile, 'Vix', left behind on the home world, now finds herself on the receiving end of some very dangerous questions. Prepare yourself for an exclusive look inside the brain of Vix, or at least the brain of Vix on drugs..."

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