Saturday, December 10, 2022

Ella Balinska in "Vestal"

Take a look at new images of actress Ella Balinska, star of the Amazon Prime supernatural feature "Run Sweetheart Run", posing for the Winter 2023 issue of "Vestal Magazine", wearing Valentino, Cartier, Jimmy Choo and a whole lot more, photographed by Kevin Sinclair:

" 'Run Sweetheart Run', directed by Shana Feste, 'Cheri' (Balinska) is a young single mother and pre-law student working as a secretary for a legal firm in Los Angeles. 

"On her way home, Cherie receives a frantic call from her boss 'James', who says that Cherie double-booked him for dinner with an important client at the same time as his anniversary dinner, which Cherie has no memory of. 

"James asks Cherie to go to the dinner for him and she reluctantly accepts. Cherie meets the client, 'Ethan' (a vampire) at his house and the two go to dinner. Cherie is taken with the handsome and charming Ethan, although he has a sudden outburst of anger when approached by a dog, explaining he was bitten by one as a child. 

"Ethan invites Cherie to spend the night with him. She agrees to stay for a drink; however, when they enter his house, Ethan attacks Cherie, causing her to flee. Running down the street, Cherie tries to get help from nearby residents but is ignored. 

"She finally finds two women outside a movie theater and convinces them to call 911. The police arrive and arrest Cherie for public intoxication, despite her protestations she was the one attacked. 

"Upon being released, Cherie heads to James' apartment. He seems sympathetic, offering her clean clothes to wear. 

"Cherie looks for information about Ethan on James' computer and finds she is the just the latest in a long string of innocent women..."

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